In need of equipment for the management of his hilly property, Kirk Jones found that there were few cost effective and efficient solutions to perform the upkeep of the rough terrain surrounding his home. He’d hired out the work for several years but that was getting extremely costly. He’d also considered purchasing a tractor and bush-hog type mower, but that would have set him back about $30K and it couldn’t maneuver well enough on his steep, tree-lined slopes.

Desperate to find a solution, Kirk’s search then turned to the “big-box” retailers and the internet and he quickly determined that most of the walk-behind equipment he saw, as well as the tow-behind implements his ATV could pull, simply weren’t suitable for a number of reasons. He could see that much of the equipment wasn’t built to commercial-grade specs and would probably fall apart after several years of use; he’d been there and done that before and didn’t want to waste his money.

In addition, he knew from experience that the walk-behind products would be too cumbersome and the tow-behind implements wouldn’t be very maneuverable as they would jackknife when he attempted to back his ATV up on his rough and hilly terrain. Kirk was also wary of purchasing any implement with a small four-stroke engine for a couple of reason. One, he knew that these small engines could fail due to the oil starvation that would occur while traversing the steep slopes on his property.

More importantly, knowing he needed several pieces of equipment to get the work done, he didn’t want to bear the cost of having to purchase, maintain and winterize all of the gasoline enginesthat would come on each individual implement. He knew all too well that the engines were the most expensive component on each of these pieces of equipment and the redundancy of having to buy and do the upkeep on two or three of them didn’t sit well with him! So, what to do?

Being a mechanical engineer with extensive experience in designing,patenting and bringing products to market, Kirk saw a powerful opportunity. He set out to create a durable and cost- efficient solution for property management by utilizing the excess power of the ATV that he already owned His familiarity with power take-offs (PTO’s) on tractors led him to believe that he could harness that same type of power via hydraulics to allow his ATV to perform similar tasks that a tractor could accomplish but with a lot more mobiiity. After more than seven years of development and some rigorous testing, he was right, and ProManPTO was born.

So, if you already own an ATV or UTV ProManPTO can turn that underutilized equipment into the most versatile vehicle in your barn or garage. If you don’t have one, and are thinking about purchasing a riding or zero-turn mower, or a compact tractor, get your pencil out and see now much more efficient and effective an ATV or UTV with the ProManPTO system can be for you. Heck of a lot more fun to boot!


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“This heavy-duty system sure adds a
lot of value to that ATV from front-mount mowers to debris blowers and more.”
Nebraska Farmer

ProManPTO is the perfect solution for my hilly yard. I can now turn neglected piecesinto useful plots for growing. And best of all, I have turned my UTV into more than a toy for the dunes.”
Jeff Robbins

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