Why Buy and Use the ProManPTO System? Its really quite simple!!

Versatile / Efficient / Effective

ProManPTO’s system transforms your ATV or UTV into the most useful and versatile vehicle on your property. Our quick-connect implements allow you to move swiftly from one task to another with little down time. The Four-Wheel, Free-Floating design of our mobile implements, like mowers, allows them to follow the contours of even the roughest landscape for a clean and consistent cut.

Durable / Dependable / Commercial Grade

Tapered roller bearings and an overhung load adapter protect the implement’s hydraulic motor. Solid polyurethane tires on all of the implements will keep you working and not fixing flat tires. Heavy gauge steel construction means you won’t have to replace this equipment. It’s built to last.

Low Maintenance / Quiet / Environmentally Friendly

No more redundant gasoline engines on each implement to winterize and constantly maintain. You can actually hear yourself think while mowing or blowing without an insanely loud four-stroke engine blaring! No more greenhouse gasses emitted from those four-stroke, gas-powered work implements.

Fun / Multi-Purpose / Fun (Again)

Your ATV or UTV can be used to go four-wheeling or hunting; can’t do that with a compact tractor! An ATV or UTV with a full stable of ProManPTO implements and tools can take on almost any job on your property. If you don’t own one already, wouldn’t having an ATV or UTV be a whole lot more enjoyable than a riding mower?


Current Implements

45" Rough Cut Mower

48" & 60" Finish Cut Mowers

45" Flail Mower

Leaf and Debris Blower

Dual Action Log Splitter

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ProManPTO Facebook ProManPTO Twitter ProManPTO YouTube Adjustable Height
Floats on 4 Flat Free Tires
2 Hardened Swing Cutting Blades
Shock Reducing Over Hung Load AdapterAdjustable Height
Floats on 4 Flat Free Tires
Three Hardened Blades
Shock Reducing Over Hung Load AdapterAdjustable Height
Floats on 4 Flat Free Tires
42 Individual Cutting Knives
Shock Reducing Over Hung Load AdapterMassive 5” Hydraulic Cylinder
18” Low Profile Limits Lifting
Dual Action Splitting Splits Two Ways
Floats on 2 Flat Free Tires
Two Blower Angle Adjustments
Shock Reducing Over Hung Load Adapter